Wedding FAQs

We have prepared answers to some questions that you might have for our big day! 😊

Q:Where will the ceremony be?
A:The ceremony will be held at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Tagaytay City.
Q:What time will the ceremony start?
A:The ceremony will start at 2:30 in the afternoon
Q:Do we really need to RSVP?
A:Yes please. We need this to consolidate guest details and finalize the head count for catering and seating arrangement. We also need a final guest list since the reception venue is strict in allowing entry.
Q:I have RSVPed "YES", but due to a change in circumstance, I will no longer be able to attend. What should I do?
A:We understand that there may be such circumstance. We ask that you please let us know as soon as possible so we can reallocate your seat.
Q:I have RSVPed "NO", but my schedule changed and now I can attend. What should I do?
We are glad that you can now make it on our big day! Please let us know as soon as possible.Having said that, please understand that we may have reallocated your seat(s) to someone else.Therefore, we cannot guarantee the same number of seats or any seat at all 😔
Q:Can we bring kids to the wedding?
We love children, but due to necessity than choice, we regretfully cannot accommodate them at the venue.The only kids attending are those who are part of the entourage and of the immediate family. We are hoping for your kind understanding.
Can I bring a date with me?
(or any plus ones, driver, helper, etc.)
A:Please refer to your invitation for the number of alloted seat(s). As much as we'd love to have everyone celebrate with us, unfortunately, we can only accommodate a limited number of guests due to venue space and budget restrictions.
Q:Where will the reception be?
Reception will be at Aquila Crystal Palace, Tagaytay.Upon arrival, snacks and refreshments will be served. Use this time to mingle, register, find your seats and use the photo booth.
Q:Can we seat anywhere during the reception?
Please don't 😔. It took us a lot of effort and discussion to finish the seating arrangement which is planned for everyone's convenience and network preference.You'll be seated along with family or friends.
Q:When is the appropriate time to leave
We aim to end the program at 9:30pm, please don't eat and run 😔If you need to leave early, we'd love to thank you and say goodbye before you go. Maybe not while they're playing the same day edit video though 😊
Q:Where can we park our cars? How much will it cost?
There are parking slots in the ceremony venue, and these are for free.The reception venue also has ample parking spaces for everyone, parking is likewise free.
Q:Can we take pictures and videos during the wedding?
Our ceremony is unplugged and we plan to keep it solemn. Please put down and keep your phones away during the processional and ceremony. After we are pronounced husband and wife, you're free to take shots 😊We have an amazing team of photographers and videographers to capture the moment. We promise to share the pictures with you after the wedding!
Q:Do you have your official wedding hashtag?
Yes we do! Kindly share your captured moments using the hashtags#journeyTOPHEReverwithMJ#CHRISmadetherightJOYce#MJdrivesmeCHRISyWe'd love to see all those beautiful photos 🥰
Q:Do you have any gift preferences?
A:As love is what the wedding is all about, your presence is one we can't celebrate without. But should you still believe that a gift is worth giving, a monetary gift for our future is a delightful blessing.
Q:How can we help the couple have the best time during the wedding?
Pray with us for favors and provisionsRSVP now 😊Wear appropriate attireBe there on timeStay until the end of the programEnjoy! 😊